Marketing for a practice is just as important as a retail store or online business.  With patients having the ability to choose their general practitioners and their specialists alike, it's more important than ever to have a marketing strategy so you aren't lost in the mix.  Long gone are the days of there being only one doctor in town that everyone went to see with no questions asked.  Now, people have the opportunity to make their decision based on patient feedback, ratings, etc.



Have you begun your business planning for 2018? If you’re looking for a few places to start, I’d like to offer some recommendations.  The process of putting together a detailed plan is what I refer to as The 2018 Business Imperative. There’s an old adage, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Quite frankly, we work too hard to let that be the case.



Over the past few years, many firms have realized the advantage of a well-planned social media strategy. The reach and pervasiveness of social media makes it a valuable component of an effective marketing campaign.  Facebook led the charge as individuals quickly adopted the platform.  Facebook literally changed the use of the word “friend” from a noun to a verb.  However, the question now being asked is critical for any small business, “Did Facebook sellout?”


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more than provide the right products for their patients. “We combine compassion with technology. Many times, technology gets all the press, and rightly so, but unless it’s combined with compassion, you miss the mark of what you need to accomplish.”

Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs has their own lab and board-certified technicians and prosthetic assistants who create custom designs and adjustments for their patients. This allows them to provide the best prosthetic for the individual patient. They make sure all fittings are completed by their team. Shayne explained that, “We design the right prosthetic device that will “marry” the patient’s body with the proper biomechanics.”

 I asked him about what gets him excited to come to work each day, and Shayne responded, “Every amputee we work with is very different. There is a challenge to help people get their livelihood back. Living out these moments with the patient and being a part of helping them to do things they didn’t know they would be able to do to again, like a child riding a bike again, or an athlete being able to learn to run again, excites me.” Each day is a new day for their team. They help family members become excited about the possibilities of a new or restored life with their significant other.

Matt Bradford, a United States Marine Corporal, is one of their patients. Matt came to Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs in 2012 at the age of 26. In combat, he stepped on an IED and lost both of his legs and his vision. Shayne shared that Matt has become a dear friend of his. Now in his 30’s, the two still talk regularly. “With Matt, we had to consider that he was young and desired to be very physically active. He came to us looking for answers. So, we took the time to work on his prosthetics to fit his desired lifestyle.” Since coming to Hi-Tech, Matt has competed in multiple Spartan endurance races, has graduated from the University of Kentucky, and now is giving inspiration talks on campus to athletes, students and faculty. His goal in July 2018, as a blind double amputee, is to climb Mount Rainier in Washington State. Matt is also a Purple Heart recipient and has been to the White House to meet with the President of the United States.

The staff of Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs have endless stories like Matt’s to share. Hi-Tech desires to provide top-quality service, and they do so because they love and care for their patients. This is the footprint this local business makes in the world and it’s a big one.   

In 1990 Jim McClanahan and Maurice Adkins founded a business called Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs, Inc. Jim started his prosthetic career in 1969,  three years after losing his right leg above the knee to cancer. Since then, the company has become a major part of the medical community here in central Kentucky. Both men have since passed away leaving their legacy to Shayne Adkins and Tori McClanahan, the next generation of leadership. Shayne is taking over from his father as the new president and oversees all patient care. Tori, wife of Jim McClanhan, serves as Vice President and continues to lead the office and help steer the ship.

It is evident that the entire staff passionately provides quality care for their patients. As you speak to the staff, you become aware of how deeply they care for those they serve. Tori joined Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs back in 2000. She considers it a privilege and a blessing to be working in the business her husband started.  As she runs the day to day operations, she works hard, along with her team, to continue the legacy she inherited by ensuring their patients continue to have quality care. Shayne Adkins has been an important part of Hi-Tech Artificial Limbs since 1995.  Shayne graduated from the University of Kentucky with a degree in Psychology and went on to complete his prosthetic training at Northwestern University in Chicago, IL. He received his prosthetic certification from the American Board of Certification (ABC) in 2002.  Shayne is also licensed by the Kentucky Board of Orthotics and Prosthetics and is a member of American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists. He is the past president of the Kentucky Orthotic and Prosthetic Association.


Shayne’s passion for their patients runs deep in his family history. As the son of an amputee, he has always had a passion for prosthetics and finds joy in helping his patients become mobile and active again. He feels that personal investment, understanding and empathy are just as important as technology when helping amputees regain their livelihood and confidence. Shayne states, “Growing up, I witnessed my dad use his prosthesis, allowing me to see him be an amazing dad, husband and business owner. I observed how much commitment and effort it took for a person to go through the process of being fit with a prosthetic device and how it impacted his life. Having high quality prosthetics plays a significant role in allowing an amputee to lead a normal life.” Shayne states that living with an amputee created in him a passion for working with amputees.

Shayne shared that the purpose of their business is to provide compassionate patient care, which is implemented by all members of their team. As a company started by two amputees, they set out to design a clinic that is viewed through the eyes of their patients, not the clinicians. Many of the staff have family, friends or themselves are amputees, which fills them with a desire not to just provide a service but be a part of the solution to change people’s lives. They want to do


HI-TECH Artificial Limbs, Inc.


1641 Nicolasville Road, Lexington, KY, 40503