Marketing for a practice is just as important as a retail store or online business.  With patients having the ability to choose their general practitioners and their specialists alike, it's more important than ever to have a marketing strategy so you aren't lost in the mix.  Long gone are the days of there being only one doctor in town that everyone went to see with no questions asked.  Now, people have the opportunity to make their decision based on patient feedback, ratings, etc.



Have you begun your business planning for 2018? If you’re looking for a few places to start, I’d like to offer some recommendations.  The process of putting together a detailed plan is what I refer to as The 2018 Business Imperative. There’s an old adage, “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Quite frankly, we work too hard to let that be the case.



Over the past few years, many firms have realized the advantage of a well-planned social media strategy. The reach and pervasiveness of social media makes it a valuable component of an effective marketing campaign.  Facebook led the charge as individuals quickly adopted the platform.  Facebook literally changed the use of the word “friend” from a noun to a verb.  However, the question now being asked is critical for any small business, “Did Facebook sellout?”


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mundane. You strive harder to make things happen because you know that you are helping someone who really needs it. It also bring awareness to both your purpose and your business. Many companies donate money to charity and that is a wonderful thing, but if you feel in your heart you truly want to do something that makes a difference not only within yourself but also for someone in need, then think about either aligning your business with a charity and becoming an integral part of what they do or create something that your business can get behind 100% by making it your business purpose.

I think almost everyone will agree with me when I say your goal in business is to be successful. Finding ways to advertise your business that are effective is a hurdle that most of us are trying to overcome daily. But what if we looked at it from a different angle. What if we approached it from a perspective of helping others, not necessarily helping ourselves. When I was in sales years ago, and worrying about meeting my sales goals, my director told me, “Don’t think about the goals or money, concentrate on helping others and the money will follow.” He was right. When I focused on helping others and not on me, the goals were met and the money came at the end of the month along with top sales honors. We all want to be happy, at peace and have a meaningful life. What does that mean for you and your business? That is something you have to figure out for yourself and no one can tell you, but I hope by sharing how we accomplished this, it will help you find your business purpose.

Many people have a passion in life whether it be in their personal lives or in their business.

Some businesses are created around this passion because it’s something they love to do. For me, my passion was always to help others. In the past, I have worked with seniors in helping to aid in placement in a senior community such as, independent living, assisted living or nursing level of care or helped them to stay in their home by facilitating all of the things they would need to have in place that would be necessary to do so safely. This included caregivers, transportation, home modifications, etc.

In my work over the years I met my current business partner and we shared the same feelings about helping others. When we went into business together, we had long talks about our goals, dreams and what really moved us in the business world. It was through those conversations that our purpose for our business was born. We wanted to take what our passion was and turn it into our purpose for our business. This enabled us to create something that was meaningful to both of us and allows us to work on it every day. This fulfills our need in life to help others by bringing awareness to the community of a terrible culture that has always been a part of society but is getting worse each day: Bullying.

So how do you turn your passion into your purpose? There are many ways to discover this and I have found a simple yet


efficient way of doing just that. One of my colleagues, Ranan Lachman, wrote a book called Purpose – How Small Things Can Create A Meaningful Life. His approach to finding your purpose in life is broken down into very simple, detailed steps that helped us find our business purpose. Make a list of things that you want to do. Narrow that list down to things that you think you can accomplish and then create a plan to carry it out. I realized in reading his book that you don’t have to solve world hunger to be successful in helping to change the world. The smallest things that we do each day can be beneficial to others.

My business partner and I took what our passions were and found a common ground that we both were excited to combine with our business practices. Our company deals with conflict resolution and corporate training. We both had experiences with bullying while growing up and how that feels never goes away no matter how old you are. We then figured out a way that we could do something good for the community by using what we do on a daily basis and created the Initiative.

What does this do for you as a company? This brings your passion into your daily work. It keeps your excitement level high and your work doesn’t become


Tonya Howe is the Chief Operations Officer with Summit Conflict Resolutions & Trainings located in Nicholasville, Kentucky. She brings her expertise as an Eldercare Specialist to Summit to create and teach programs that focus on the care and well-being of the elderly, the forgotten generation. Learn more about Summit  www. summitcrt.com